Registration now full

Please email, Facebook message or Instagram DM us if you would like              to be added to the waitlist. 

Registration is now full for the 2022 spring/summer season.  

There are two registration options, team and individual. 

Teams can have up to 14 registered players (note: only 12 may be available on any given game day). Cost to register a team is $900 and is due by May 29th 2022.           *teams must field at least 2 females on the pitch at all times during play and a bonus point is awarded for teams who field a minimum of 3 women for an entire game. Recruit accordingly!

Individuals can register and will be sorted on to a team by Meraloma Touch Admin. If you have friends in the league also joining as individuals, you can request to be on a team with them on the registration form. Cost to register as an individual is $75 and is due by May 29th 2022. 

After submitting the registration form, Meraloma Touch will send a confirmation email within 48 hours and provide further information. 

*Games run on Monday nights, excluding holidays. April 25th-May 16th are friendlies, May 30th is the official league start and finals are schedule for Sept 26th. Game times start as early as 5:45 and finish as late as 8pm.